Account Center 2.6 User Guide

1 Preface

This guide is primarily intended to give a comprehensive understanding of the Account Center.

2 Overview

The Account Center plays the role of a centralized user management service. It manages user list, user groups and permissions of users and user groups.

3 Home


The Account Center homepage shows numbers of users, groups in this company, also records number of login and new joined account in last 7days.

4 Identities

In this section, user can assign permissions to accounts and groups, assign accounts to groups, invite new accounts to join the company and disable/delete accounts from the company.

4.1 Users


On this table, the names and emails of accounts are shown. users can view invited time, status, last login time and description of accounts.

4.1.1 Detail

For more information, users could access detail through Actions.


In the user detail page, users can view the Basic Info and view the groups they belong to, permissions, and what happened in the "Account Log" tab.

4.1.2 Invite User

For inviting a new account, users can click Invite User button on the Users page.



On this page, users need to enter an email address (used as a user identity) to assign groups and permissions. After filling in all the information, the user can click the "Invite" button to submit the invitation.

The invitation will be sent to the specified email address. The invited user can (register a new account and) log in to the platform to confirm the invitation.

4.2 Groups

On this table, the names of groups are shown. users can view created time, members, permissions and description of groups.


4.2.1 Detail

For more information, users could access detail through Actions.


In the group detail page, users can view the Basic Info and manage the members and permissions.

4.2.2 Add Group

For adding a new group, users can click Add Group button on the Groups page.


On this page, the user needs to enter the necessary group name. Users can also assign members and permissions to the group. After filling in all the information, the user can click the "Add" button to add group.

Accounts, if they belong to a group, can inherit the permissions of that group. The final authorization adopts the union of account permissions and its group inherited permissions.

5 Permissions

In this section, users can manage authorization and records in Authorization. And Policy contains all permissions owned by the company.

5.1 Authorizations

On this page, users can view which user/group has been granted which permission.


5.1.1 Add Authorization


To add authorization, users need to select members and groups as objects. The user also needs to select permission for these objects. By clicking Add, the authorizations are recorded.

5.1.2 Delete Authorization

Users can click Delete to revoke authorization.


Or users click Batch Action to delete authorizations in bulk.


5.2 Policies


On this page, users can browse all the permissions of the company. Each permission has a description to explain its function. The version of the system policy is maintained by ThingsMatrix.

6 Operation Log


The "Operation Log" page records all operations related to the Account Center. The user can view the operator, time, action and operation on this table.

7 Profile


The "Profile" page displays the current login account information. The user can change password or email, edit basic information.

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