CMP 2.6 User Guide

1 Preface

This guide is primarily intended to give a comprehensive understanding of the CMP.

2 Overview

The CMP is used to manage the company's SIM card status and view the usage of traffic, and supports the group management of cards.

3 Home - Data Report

Data reports are displayed on the home page, so that users can quickly understand the distribution and traffic usage of all their SIM cards. It mainly includes five dimensions: the number of SIM cards in each group, the traffic used by SIM cards in each group, the distribution proportion of SIM card status, the daily or monthly traffic usage in a period of time and the top ten SIM cards with the most traffic usage in a period of time.


4 SIM Cards

The SIM card list shows all SIM cards in your company, enabling a quick search for SIM cards by keyword or operator/status/group. Display information includes ICCID, IMSI, operator, current status, group belonging, traffic used yesterday, traffic used in the last billing cycle, traffic used from the current billing date to yesterday, description, update time, and view more actions. Among them, the grouping of SIM cards can be changed directly on the interface.


Click the export button in the upper right corner to export the list of SIM cards in CSV/XLSX format.


4.1 SIM card detail

Click "More" to enter the details page of a SIM card. In addition to displaying the basic information, the details page supports the ability to switch groups directly. The following area shows the usage of traffic. You can choose the dimension you want to view and switch between daily or monthly traffic display.


5 Groups

The main SIM card group management, add or edit the group need to fill in the name, tick the SIM card (support fast search), fill in the description. After grouping, SIM cards of this group can be quickly screened. The homepage will also display card distribution and traffic usage according to the grouping.


Last updated: 3/26/2021, 9:27:55 AM