# TMX Upgrade™ 2.6 User Guide

# 1 Preface

This guide is primarily intended to give a comprehensive understanding of the TMX Upgrade™.

# 2 Overview

TMX Upgrade™ is mainly used to manage the firmware upgrade of devices by users. The firmware management of users of TMX Upgrade™ supports two upgrade methods, including proactive upgrade and passive upgrade. Proactive Upgrade through the command protocol supported on the device side, TMX Upgrade™ issues upgrade orders in batch and checks the upgrade results. Typically, the device is required to connect to the ThingsMatrix IoT Platform and services. Passive upgrade allows the device to inquire the content of upgrade regularly through the pre-configured URL, and TMX Upgrade™ decides whether to inform the device to upgrade in the returned result.

# 3 Firmware

The firmware used for device upgrades is managed and can be added, modified, downloaded and deleted.


When adding firmware, you need to fill in the name of the firmware, select the type of firmware package, the Model and PID supported, the target version of the upgrade and upload the firmware file. After filling in the firmware file, click the Submit button to upload.


# 4 Proactive Upgrade

# 4.1 Adding new proactive upgrade tasks

There are three steps for you to add a new proactive upgrade task as follows:

  1. Fill in the task name, select the firmware to be used and the device to be upgraded.


  2. Fill in the upgrade strategy, including upgrade time, device, device signal strength, and device battery status. The device will only be upgraded if it meets the condition(s).


  3. Fill in the retry policy including timeout, retry number and retry interval. The device retries based on the conditions.


# 4.2 Viewing proactive upgrade list and details

It shows the number of devices in each state of the upgrade task along with specific details. Click the Retry button to retry or click the Cancel button to cancel the upgrade task.


# 5 Passive Upgrade

The list displays all the current passive upgrade tasks. When a task is selected, in addition to the basic information, it also displays the channel access record and operation record for the specific task.


# 5.1 Tasks

The device accesses the burning channel and compares the configurations. If the device meets the configuration, it will get the address to download the firmware and then upgrade its firmware.

# 5.1.1 Adding new passive upgrade tasks

Click the + Add Task button on the top right corner to add passive upgrade task. Please fill in the name and select upgrade conditions.


Upgrade conditions are listed as follows:

  • Firmware that does not require or require an upgrade. If you select No Upgrade, the devices in the list will no longer upgrade when they access the channel.
  • If a device is checked, then only the selected device can access the upgrade channel for the task, and if no device is selected, then there is no device limit.
  • When the device accesses the channel of the task binding, it will compare the conditions set in order to see whether it meets the device list list, and obtain the corresponding firmware information.

# 5.1.2 Configuring channels for passive upgrade tasks

Before you can configure a channel for a passive upgrade task, you need to add a channel first. Please refer to 5.2 Upgrade Channels for further information. Click the channel button for a specific task to configure its upgrade channel. You can quickly search or select the corresponding channel and make a selection. After saving, the device can access the upgrade channel to obtain the firmware upgrade address.


# 5.2 Upgrade Channels

A upgrade channel is used to give the device access to the upgrade address. After the device access, by checking whether they meet the upgrade conditions, and then comparing the firmware version information, TMX Upgrade™ will decide whether the device should upgrade. After a channel is added, it can be switch to Onlineor Offline. image-20210322191139189

There are two types of upgrade channels, public and private. For a private channel, a device need to pass the password authentication when connecting to the channel. You only need to fill in the name, TMX Upgrade™ will automatically generate an address. Please click the copy button to copy. For private upgrade channel, you need to enter the password additionally.


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